Purple, some may relate it to royalty but I associate it with optimizing brain function and overall improved health and performance.  Purple and blue colored foods are known to cross the blood brain barrier and research has been shown to delay onset of neurodegenerative disorders.  Beets are known to be a vasodilator which may help improve physical performance by optimizing blood flow.  One caveat is if you are on blood thinners, talk to a medical professional, preferably one with a background in nutrition, before adding beets into your diet.  Blackberries have also shown to elicit neuroprotective effects.  These are just a few to consider, there are numerous purple and blue foods, please explore here and beyond!

Take away:

Better brain function

Better blood flow

Athletic enhancement




Organic unsweetened soy milk

Organic frozen blackberries

One banana

One Peach



Raw foods


Purple seedless grapes

Sliced beet





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