About & Credentials

My story:

I came from a small town in Indiana. I have always loved fitness and did my first biceps curl at the age of 14. I didn’t know why I felt great, but I knew I wanted to pursue a life of high-quality. What did high-quality mean to me? I wanted to do the things I love and do them well. I love athletics. So, armed with a love of fitness and discipline, I ventured out into the world of academia.

I ended my graduated studies by researching for a paper on how to prevent coronary heart disease. I knew nutrition was a part of overall well-being, I just missed to memo on just how important. Dr. Esselstyn’s research forever changed my outlook. I struggled while drifting toward a plant-only lifestyle. And I wanted it! I can empathize with those who are on the fence. The so-called part-time or “bad” vegans. I struggled to give up cheese (it goes with everything), yogurt (perfect for smoothies), eggs (baking applications, breakfast), milk (athletes with stained lips), steak (it’s a point of pride when one can make perfect diagonally patterned grill marks). It takes a shift in one’s mindset. It takes discipline and conviction. It takes patience and self-empathy. Oftentimes, it takes failure.

I moved to Denver, then Silicon Valley, and back to Denver. I fell in love with the mountains and social opportunities a metropolitan area provides. My fitness journey evolved. As I learned more, I gave up alcohol, coffee, flour, added sugar, added salt, manufactured oils, all animal products. This may sound extreme to many, but I would submit surgery is more extreme when it comes to the heart. Especially, when the disease is largely preventable.

In time, unaltered food became enough. In fact, I found myself craving the tartness of a strawberry in the morning, the bitterness of 100% cacao along with some sweet grapes, the crispness of watermelon after a hike on a hot day. Nowadays, not only do I enjoy unaltered food, I also enjoy knowing these foods may well protect my telomeres which are a marker of aging.

Give your tastebuds and chance to experience the natural wonders of reality, and you might just find you enjoy it, too!

My education/credentials

  • Graduated from Purdue University Global with a B.S. in Nutrition
  • Graduated from the California University of Pennsylvania with a Master of Science in Exercise Science and Health Promotion
  • Graduated from Purdue University-Main Campus with a Bachelor of Science in Financial Planning and Counseling
  • ACE Weight Management Specialist
  • ACE Nutrition Fitness Specialist
  • Certified Health and Wellness Coach
  • NASM Certified Personal Trainer
  • TRX Qualified


  • Author(s): Carl Sagan, George R.R. Martin
  • Activity: Paddleboarding at Horsetooth Res. or Estes Park & Volleyball in Denver
  • Movie(s): Ready Player One/Mad Max Fury Road/Men in Black
  • Workout: Calisthenics, Walking
  • Summer food: Watermelon
  • Winter food: Taco alternative
  • Drink: Water