Little Green Guys!

Diggin’ the handlebar PISTACHIO bro

These little green guys pack in a ton of beneficial properties.  Firstly, I would recommend pistachios with the shell still present (usually partly opened) as you have to work just a little to enjoy this snack or “side dish.”  Humans have only recently had access to such calorie dense food options such as oils and shelled nuts in virtually unlimited amounts.  A lot of work goes into extracting oil or shelling nuts/seeds and when that occurs the consumer didn’t utilize any energy cracking the shell yet we consume A LOT!  When you consider pistachios please take into account calorie density and higher fat content.  Don’t drown in the idea of calorie counting, the healthiest places on Earth do NOT calculate their macro profiles, they just eat whole foods (and mostly plants, if not all).  Just be mindful and stick with a single handful.  Overall, pistachios offer numerous benefits, including some of our best friends which are anti-oxidants, anti-inflammatory properties and fiber!

Pistachio like a pro:

They are best unshelled, stored in a sealed container, and placed in the fridge.

Eat only a handful.

Crush them and add to your salad.

Explore recipes.





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