Hemp housing

Hi, team.

3D-printing. Such a clever way to create something. 3D printers are capable of printing superheroes, cars, and even houses. How can we incorporate sustainability in the real estate industry? Can houses be unique and beautiful? I would love to see some unique architecture spring up in the next few decades. How can we incorporate nature or, better yet, use eco-friendly resources instead of concrete? When concrete congregates it leads to something known as the heat-island effect. Basically, heat-islands are void of naturally growing components (tress, grasses, etc.), and instead, filled with concrete, brick, metal, glass, and other common construction materials.

Log cabins are a great example of using renewable resources for construction. However, if you are looking for something eco-friendly and futuristic, feel free to peer into the (prototyped) world of 3D-printed hemp housing. The “Stonehenge” look is amazing. If you, like me, prefer more natural lighting, I would suggest looking into the company where this all concept began. Mirreco is out to provide modern, beautiful, and eco-friendly living spaces. Mirreco also incorporates ClearVue technology where UV light is converted into electricity. The future is exciting! In a few ways, it feels like science-fiction is becoming science-fact.  




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