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Hi, team.

I wanted to share a video describing cognitive dissonance. His stance is that of many people who identify as vegan. Loving and dog is easy. Loving a dog while eating a pork sandwich is cognitive dissonance. Setting up a bird feeder and then having a turkey sandwich is cognitive dissonance. If you saw someone kicking a dog in a park would you call the authorities or film it to then share it and ridicule that person? Would you feel angry? Would you hold that person in high regard and think of them as a decent person?

Then why do we pay for companies to gas pigs, catch sharks and cut their fins off and toss them back into the ocean, shred baby chicks, bolt a cow through the head? Will history look at these barbaric and unnecessary practices and ask what the hell were those people thinking? Why were they not better stewards of life? Why wait? Instead, let me take the lead (alongside others who have already asked this). What are we thinking? Why are we not better stewards of life? I presume most of you treat your pets with love and kindness. I invite you to treat other animals the same way you treat your pets.

This article was not written in an attempt to attack in single person, rather, a way of thinking. You have been marketed to well. Think of the teams of marketers who thought of dairy campaigns (Got ____? – can you fill in the blank?), slogans (Arby’s We have the ____! – can you fill in that one?). It’s a multi-million dollar marketing tactic dreamt up by brilliant marketing teams that prey on our weaknesses and temptations. It’s reasonable to act within a frame of societal norms. However, it is also one’s duty to not act within those norms once light has been shed on the situation (unhealthy dietary practices, lack of animal-welfare, and environmental exploitation, etc.).

Check out Cosmic Skeptic interviewing Earthling Ed in this video.



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