Heating up

Hi, team.

In the Hemp Housing article, we touched briefly on the heat island effect. Also called urban heat island (UHI), the effect stems from tightly packed buildings along with dense human populations. Energy being used from tools, cars, and occupants inside the buildings also contributes to the heat. UHI’s can negatively impact air quality, water, and arguably, productivity and quality of life. Changing our largest cities will be quite the task. However, change is on the horizon and will have an impact. Some solutions include planting trees, urban gardening (win-win), green roofing, rethinking infrastructure, incentivizing movement over little boxes with wheels where people get angry at other people in little boxes with wheels, once again, get rid of the little (and big) boxes with wheels in our major cities! Shifting away from our “little boxes with wheels” will take considerable societal adjustments. However, other major cities in the world have already done it successfully. So, join an urban gardening group, plant a tree, walk, bike, and encourage others to do the same.




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