Still improving but the progression speaks for itself!

Time to open up a little about this journey and show others it is possible to be plant-based and thrive!

Typical protein-focused chicken, fish, whey protein, eggs, yogurt, “lean” steak and hamburger and cheese lead to what you see below.  Had sweet potatoes, oatmeal and fruits daily but the main part of every dish was some type of animal product.

This is from 201512017445_10206309479273698_7647741978813907126_o

2017 (below) – After being plant-based for a couple years (2016 and 2017)

I was not fasting at this point and I was still working out the kinks.  It is a LONG process to figure out how to be plant-based.  I am happy to help if you need resources.


Below: here we are in 2018 – No animal products, added oil, flour, sugar or salt.

Fasting/eating window from roughly 3-5pm for first meal and last meal is around 10-11pm.

First meal: buckwheat with fruits, seeds, cinnamon and veggies on the side.

Second meal: beans, fresh salsa, lightly cooked veggies.


Anyone skeptical of a plant-based diet: I welcome a chat and come workout with me!!

Check out our Instagram:


More progress to follow 🙂





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