The Race for Water

Hi, team.

The Race for Water Foundation is out to preserve water and in particular, the oceans. They built a program which centers around the “LEARN – SHARE – ACT” model. The “LEARN” model is based in scientific knowledge and promotes the progression of scientific understanding. The “SHARE” model is based on promoting awareness and educating the public. The “ACT” model is, of course, all about taking action. Action, in this case, is based in prevention. Preventing plastic from reaching our waters is one of the steps we can all take part in now. The Race for Water Foundation gives us the “5R rules,” which represents reuse, reduce, refuse, repair, and recycle. I’d like to toss in another “R rule,” reinvent. We need to reinvent our relationship with plastics. It’s a wonderful material when used and recycled responsibility.

Breguet sells luxury watches. They have also partnered with The Race for Water Foundation. I am always searching for eco-friendly brands. So, if you know of one, please share it with us. There are so many out there now, but it’s always exciting to see a luxury brand partner with an eco-conscious foundation. Cheers to those who hold science in high regard and who champion clean water. 




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