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As I went through my journey, a surgeon based in Houston went through a seemingly similar one. We asked similar questions. Why are so many Americans unwell when we have an advanced healthcare system, and spend more money on healthcare than other developed nations? Investopedia breaks the costs down with this 2022 article. Dr. Davis was in a unique position as a weight loss expert and bariatric surgeon. I was simply a personal trainer, but I wanted to learn how to support anyone who was willing to drift toward nutritional excellence.

When Dr. Davis realized he was out of shape and unhealthy, he dove into the research. After learning about the power of a well varied whole food plant-based diet, you just don’t care about macronutrient profiles anymore. I eat a variety of whole plants. I am within ideal range according to my blood panels. I feel great! I am recovering quickly from athletic feats. Why would I care about macros? Then the questions roll in! Where do you get your protein? What protein will you have with your salad? If you haven’t heard these questions, you’re fortunate. I also had questions! I discovered Dr. Davis while scrolling through YouTube videos about diet and health. I wanted to learn more!

What do you mean when you ask about protein? Chicken? Beef? What percentage of the chicken breast is protein? What about beef? Is animal protein the best source for human health? Why are advertisements paradoxical? Protein can support weight loss while the same protein packaged differently can help you gain weight? Which is it? Why do top nutritional experts and researchers without vested interests recommend lowering animal protein consumption and replacing it with whole plant foods? Which studies show a positive correlation between animal protein consumption and increased longevity and decreased risk of disease? What major nutritional studies should I know about? How are dietary guidelines influenced? What’s the history of nutritional science? Dr. Davis answers all of these questions and more in his book! 

Hoopla – digital library including the audiobook and ebook

Amazon – as of 9.2022 used copies are around $6 including shipping

Proteinaholic website

Roasted chicken nutrition data

  • 36% fat
  • 64% protein

Beef, T-bone steak, trimmed to 0” fat, broiled

  • 58% fat
  • 42% protein

Black beans

  • 74% carbs
  • 3% fat
  • 23% protein


  • 70% carbs
  • 3% fat
  • 27% protein




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