Who can I trust? Volume III

Hi team,

I am highlighting these medical professionals because they claim to read the latest research with a critical eye, and I have put their teachings to the test with great personal success. You have the power to control your own health and sound guidance may be able to play a supportive role. The goal is to not give so much credence to one professional that whatever they say is akin to scripture, but rather use some of their tactics to look at the evidence with your own critical eye. 

Since Dr. Dean Ornish and Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn nutritional interventions have shown to reverse heart disease, more cardiologists seem to take this evidence to heart. Let me introduce you to Dr. Columbus Batiste. Dr. Batiste is a cardiologist, public educator, and future author (Q4 of 2022). His new book will be called SELFish and will provide guidance on how to heal your heart (not just nutritionally). Dr. Batiste and Danette Batiste founded Healthy Heart Nation to reduce the disparities in the African American communities. I invite you to go for a walk and listen to Dr. Batiste as he provides some insight on how to heal your heart. Enjoy!

Dr. Batiste at SUNY

PCRM Exam Room

Best Foods to Prevent Heart Attacks



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