Can I eat well while traveling?

Hi team,

With some preparation, yes!

Before you leave:

A few days before you head out, make sure your meals are on point. Pack in a ton of color and fiber! Consider packing convenient snacks such as Lara bars. They have very few ingredients (as few as two) and, of course, they are made from whole plant foods. They also go well with apples or other fruits. If you prefer to prepare your own snacks, check out these simple oat bites. Come up with a plan based on the airport(s) you’ll be visiting. Here is an example from Chicago. Check out the TSA website for information on what foods are allowed and limits associated with each. Take an empty water bottle with you!

Quick tip: checked bags allow for most foods (oddly, even live lobsters are on the “food” list).

In the airport:

Now that you’ve made it through security, fill that water bottle up and drink your fill! You’ll also have access to the food court. If you can’t find any entrée options that fit your needs, consider ordering from the side menu. You may find a combo with plenty of color and fiber. Simply look for fruits, root vegetables, greens, grains, and legumes. If the menu includes a baked potato, asparagus, and black beans, you’ve hit the jackpot!

In the air:

This is where your Lara bars or other prepared snacks come into play. Pack more than you think you’ll need! Continue drinking water.

Once you’ve landed:

Welcome to Atlanta, Heathrow, Sydney, Singapore, or wherever you just arrived! Consider downloading the Happy Cow app. This app allows you to search for nearby vegetarian or vegan friendly eateries. It will be even better if you have access to your own kitchen space. If that’s the case, search for the nearest grocery and dive right back into your healthy routine centered around whole plant foods.

Safe travels!



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