Who can I trust? Volume I

I read a wonderful book about agnotology which means a – “not,” gno – “to know,” and the Greek word logia – “to speak or tell.” Contemporarily, this translates to the study of ignorance. The tobacco industry was known to be an industry leader in not simply misdirecting the public about the effects of smoking, but manufacturing doubt. In other words, the information was so conflicting and confusing, why would anyone change their habits! Once you uncover their methods of sowing doubt, you can see it in other practices. Meat producers and dairy producers can use similar tactics.

Some medical professionals are parsing the data and creating content for us to digest easily. This is the first volume of many of those who understand the field of nutrition and use it in their practice as medical professionals. 

Dr. Kim Williams has literal paragraphs worth of credentials and accomplishments. Here are a select few of his lectures and video interviews. You can find his information on plantbaseddocs.com




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