Oat Milk

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If you are looking to reduce or eliminate dairy milk from your diet, you have a world to explore! Now that the options are so vast, it’s much easier to select a non-dairy milk.

If you want to dedicate some time to making your own oat milk, simply add water to oats, blend, and wring the liquid free using a strainer bag. EatThisNotThat! interviewed Sarah Rueven, RDN, who shared some insight about oat milk. The bullet points include choosing organic when possible, avoiding added sugars and phosphates, skipping the coffeehouse style milks, and seeking out fortified milks. The SpruceEats created a list of the best 8 oat milks on the market including brands like Oatly, Califia Farms, Thrive Market, and Planet Oat. I invite you to explore the oat milk world to see if you enjoy any of them!

Oatly Oat Milk Nutrient Data and Ingredients

If you’re interested in learning about the impacts of milk production, check out this environmental report.

FAO Facts: 

  • The oat crop total growing period is between 120-150 days
  • Oats are categorized on the lower-medium end of the spectrum for drought sensitivity




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