Hi, team.

Thanks for joining me in the year that has felt like many years. Though we have seen struggle, tragedy, and loss, we have also seen compassion, awareness, and empathy. What are some things you want to do in 2021? Is there anything specific you are wanting to learn or achieve? I am excited to have started a rough list of things I want to learn about which mainly focus on science, leadership, and social issues.

Carl Sagan’s books have become my latest reading obsession. Both his writings and orations exude critical thinking, humility, and reasonable questions. He authored an article during the Cold War in an attempt to mitigate tensions between the U.S. and the Soviet Union. It was in his book Billions and Billions if you are interested in reading it. It’s one of my favorite articles. Flaws are exposed and unity is suggested. The Carl Sagan Institute is part of Cornell University which is near and dear to my heart, not because I attended the university, but because it is also home to T. Colin Campbell’s Plant Based Nutrition Certificate. Sagan also help start The Planetary Society where Bill Nye is now the CEO. Sagan’s influence is ever-present even to this day. His words will echo throughout history as the voice of reason and hope.

Quite the tangent, but, the real reason we are here today is to check out Veganuary. If you have not signed up, check it out and if you feel like taking your best swing at veganism, sign up. It’s free and all it requires is an email, a couple of minutes to answer a few questions, and a month of discipline.

I wonder what 2021 will bring? I wonder what we will learn? I hope we press forward with an ever growing sense of humility, compassion, and empathy.



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