JUST food

Hi, team.

There is a really cool experience at the end of this article. But first, 1880 is a restaurant in Singapore and has an item on the menu that is quite mundane and also unique. Eat JUST, formerly Hampton Creek, got approval from the Singapore Food Agency to sell lab-grown meat to consumers. One exciting and hopeful byproduct of this approval is competition as sort of a “new space race for the food industry” as stated by Bruce Friedrich, who is the Exec at the Good Food Institute, in a recent article from CNBC. Shiok foods, while not a direct competitor in the lab-grown chicken field, but in the seafood field, has developed lab-grown shrimp.

I am not advocating the consumption of any animal products as there are still health complications that can arise when consuming them. And as of now, diseases are still rampaging across this pale blue dot. But, since humans are damn well determined to continue consuming other being’s flesh, we might as well look for alternatives and champion eco-friendly, non-violent, clean lab-grown meats.

Now, on to the experience, which is presented by Good Meats, the inspiration behind this article.



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