Another step in the right direction

Hi, team.

To supplement the last article, let’s explore the shoe world in further depth. What do you look for when considering new shoes? Do you consider style, occasion, frequency of use, comfort, functionality, durability, or something else? How can we look beyond the immediate needs we demand from our footwear? What else could we ask before purchasing our next pair? Were these products involved in animal-cruelty in any way (such as testing)? Are the materials derived from fossil fuels? Are the materials biodegradable? If the materials were derived from fossil fuels, are they recycled or repurposed? Are the shoes Fair Trade certified? Maybe there isn’t a perfect brand out there for you, but why not tick a sustainable or animal-friendly box or two along the way. Below are a few brands to consider. Here is a rather extensive list. Here is another eco-friendly list. If you have other suggestions, feel free to reach out and share them!




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