Game time

Hi, team.

From wooden games to games about the natural world, how about we start incorporating renewables and learning into our family fun events! Below are some suggestions!

  • Earthopoly
    • Carbon credits, vegetable oil-based ink, bio-plastic wrapping
  • Hit the Habitat Trail
    • Learn about animals, habits, environmental hazards
  • Endango
    • Teaches the players about environmental consequences and endangered animals
  • Wooden game sets
  • Jenga Ocean
    • This Jenga edition is made from recycled fishing nets. How cool is that?!
  • Bioviva
    • A collection of nature challenges to enhance our knowledge of the natural world

This is a small sample of eco-conscious games. If none of these suits your playstyle, just search around and feel free to share it with us here at and we will add it to the list.




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