Shoo flu

Hi, team.

2020 seems to be mostly about problems. Let’s chat about a solution, shall we? I did some research regarding nutrition and influenza. Here is a PCRM article that shares information about people who skimp on fruits and vegetables, are obese, and are infrequently physical active. The risks and severity of influenza seems to rise with the consumption of fewer fruits, veggies, less activity, and excessive weight. Green tea may be able to hinder viral potency in vitro (in a laboratory vessel or Latin for “in the glass”). The idea is that if it happens in a lab vessel (test-tube or petri dish), then it may have a similar effect in our bodies – this is no guarantee, however. Finally, this video dives into sulforaphanes (i.e. eat broccoli or broccoli sprouts).

Conor Kerley, PhD, shares their thoughts on common cold and flu virus prevention. One would ideally minimize or avoid alcohol, sleep well, regularly exercise (not excessively), maintain an ideal weight, avoid excess dietary fat, smoking cessation, and reduce stress. Dr. Greger shares more data on risk factors and COVID-19, here. It appears that a whole-food plant-based diet provides us with an opportunity to boost our immune function and perhaps mitigate viral potency. Stay well!




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