Wood FTW

Hi, team.

Going back to our roots maybe a great way to combat climate change. Using wood for construction material can offset the carbon emissions from concrete. Aalto University researchers recently concluded that buildings are a major contributor to global greenhouse emissions. Transitioning to wood for 80% of new residential construction projects in Europe would offset roughly 47% of the European concrete emissions. The goal of this study was to create a “roadmap” for considering wooden construction materials.

The American Forest Foundation has created a PDF for you to download if you wish to learn more about the benefits of building with wooden materials. The document highlights the benefits of using wood which include fewer pollutants of the air and water when compared to steel and concrete, a reduction in the energy costs, an improvement in energy efficiency, and storing carbon. We looked at 3D-printing hemp in another article, which is exciting, but good old-fashioned wood products will do just fine. A final note, some of these wooden dwellings are incredibly beautiful.




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