Hi, team.

I never really put much thought into eco-friendly paint. Let alone, vegan-paint. I would just hear about lead-free. The issue is some of the binding agents are not vegan-friendly. Here is a list of vegan-friendly paint products. Here is an article about Meghan Markle’s new vegan painting scheme. Celtic Sustainables provides a list of vegan-friendly paints. Vegan paint is also available here. Fortunately, these binding agents have come to light and some paint producers are avoiding them. One small issue is the lack of options when it comes to the U.S. Many of these provides are located overseas. I suppose I should thank the internet for giving us access to this information. You may want to check shipping rates and you can even contact these businesses to ensure the products are cruelty-free. If all else fails, DIY’ing your own eco-friendly paint is an option.




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