The Beauty of Wind Energy

Hi, team.

With renewable energy on the minds of engineers, scientists, conservationists, architects, and curious minds (not unlike my own), where are the beautiful structures? When I think about the cities of the future, I think of beautifully engineered and designed structures and natural landscapes coalescing. Check out the Singapore article to get a sense of what nature and beautifully designed architecture are capable of offering.

Wind farms. The phrase feels a little off. The visual is not pleasing. It’s practical and functional, but where is the beauty and art-like feel? Let’s take a shallow dive into the world of unique and odd approach to harvesting wind.

Vortex is a bladeless oscillation energy-grabbing machine. The design is simple. A large post in the ground wobbles back and forth. The maintenance costs are arguably lowered since there are fewer parts known to break or wear down such as bearings or gears. It also does not require any oil. The preview of a post wobbling back and forth does kind of look funny, but let’s embrace the oddness of it. Let’s celebrate its simplistic beauty. Let’s start planting some wobbly posts!

Other unique and beautiful concepts include Aeroleaf and some type of highway wind turbine. While some of these models may not tickle your fancy, coming up with new designs and ideas is part of the fun of renewables.




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