As I am reading through all the wonderful things the Swiss are doing, I can’t help but be inspired. The amount of information is overwhelming. So, let’s begin with the fact that even the airport in Zurich has environmental impacts on its mind. Where to place the airport? Hmm.. Somewhere it will minimally interfere with the ecology of the area perhaps. Mainly, the airport placement needs to consider noise and natural resources. Which it has. The airport has also implemented an incentive program for recycling by having the “polluter pay” mindset. Yes, I am writing as if the airport can think for itself, because, why not? Transportation is almost like a thinking organism with all the moving parts and coordination. 

Sustainability Week Switzerland is a group that is promoting sustainability through higher education. The group’s mission is to mentor, inform, empower, and engage. Here is an example of higher education taking action. 

The insurance company Zurich wants to become a global leader in sustainable practices. The company is acting on this, not just talking about it. They have been CO2 neutral since 2014. Zurich’s headquarters received the Platinum Award in LEED. LEED uses a rating system to determine how a home, city, or organization is doing within the scope of sustainability. The awards are based on energy, water, waste, transportation, education, equitability, prosperity, and health and education. To read more about Zurich, just click the “download here” button on their website. 

Zurich offers so much more when it comes to sustainability. From recreational activities, to vegan eateries, Zurich seems to be one of the leaders. Fun fact, Zurich was also ranked as having the cleanest air in Europe in 2015. Go to Zurish, relax, take a deep breath, and enjoy the greenery scenery. 




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