University of Sydney

Hey, team.

Today we are going to look into the world of sustainability and find out what the University of Sydney is doing. The Times Higher Education Impact Rankings listed the University of Sydney as runner-up in the list of sustainable universities. While the focus at the University of Sydney is on research, education, responsibility, and good governance, the ways in which they are thinking and changing is quite exciting. Well, I am an eco-nerd, so, it’s exciting to me! The university added new benches on campus. Now, I know what you are thinking. Wow, benches, huh, cool dude!? Well, these benches are lit – literally. And, these benches are built with Gelion’s new batteries. The new zinc-bromide batteries allow for safe storage of energy and are completely recyclable. The batteries are also resistant to overheating (due to the gel having a fire-retardant component). Students and faculty can enjoy an eco-friendly get together outside at night. Lit benches!

You can earn a delightful Master of Sustainability here, or, you can also earn a marvelous certificate here. Or you can just read this article and share it with a friend so they can read it, too. Whatever route you choose, you are glowing with brilliance.




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