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The UN has put forth goals to achieve in sustainability. One of those goals focuses on city and urban life. Since more people live in cities than rural areas and consume most of the energy produced and emit more carbon than our rural inhabitants, let’s look at one city that is weaving nature into the mix. Singapore is evolving into one of the greenest cities on the planet. This unique city offers many exciting living exhibits. The Supertree Grove offers a walkway and displays dazzling Avatar-like light shows at night thanks to the photovoltaic cells that convert the sun’s light into energy. While I love a green city, Singapore interlaced architectural beauty with practicality and function, making it one of my favorites. Here are some of Singapore’s most lively attractions.  

World of Plants

The Canyon

Heritage Gardens

Sun Pavilion

Supertree Grove




One thought on “Singapore

  1. We loved visiting Singapore. It’s true how well they incorporate nature and sustainability. My fav was the SuperTree Grove. So impressive. Thanks for sharing!



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