Something I never thought about…

A Life on Our Planet

Sir David Attenborough has provided us with yet another moving documentary. He has been writing books and narrating documentaries for decades. His style usually includes telling stories through print or narration from information gathered by observation and other scientific means. His voice is soothing, even when the information is abrasive. Our Planet, also on Netflix, was a subtle warning of how the natural world is changing and how humans are undoubtedly part of that equation. This time, it seems as though he is more direct in stating that humanity must act now to save the natural world.

Food for thought. Cities here in the U.S. clear natural spaces and diminish biodiversity. This may lead to illness, diminish economic returns, continued fragmentation, and much more. The list seems infinite. And yet, expectations are that humans will continue to move into urbanized areas. So, urban areas (and suburban areas) will continue to grow with seemingly no “green” directive or collective demand. On the other hand, let’s look at Chernobyl. A place that, due to reactor core unit 4, went from habitable, to one of the most uninhabitable places for life due to the incredible amount of radioactivity. And yet, biodiversity returned. While there is still debate regarding the health and abundance of animals in the region. Plants regained a stronghold in the area, albeit they had to adapt since they cannot move. While there are some things to consider before attesting that animals flourished post-meltdown, data from 2015 suggests animals are back. I heard this on a podcast recently and had to investigate. The idea that human presence is more destructive to plant biodiversity and wildlife compared to Chernobyl (post-meltdown) is quite sobering. How toxic does that make us?

Here are some solutions.

National Geographic

Singapore green



Reduce plastic use

Speak up

Visit a park (USA)

International Map of National Parks

Global Wiki Park List

If you have some more good news or advice, please share it with us!




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