Get out there and vote

Hi team,

Let’s highlight an article about healthiest diets. While some don’t like to word diet since it implies an end to that way of eating, the reality is many people do follow diets. The goal should be a gradual behavioral change which finally produces long-term health benefits.

The article ranks diets according to a panel of health experts, most of which are in the nutrition field. The healthiest diets are not completely plant-based according to this panel, however, the focus is still consistently placed on vegetables, fruits, and whole-grain intake. Dr. Greger explains the Mediterranean Diet, which earned the top spot.

I really want to bring attention to the diets that landed near the end. These include the Keto, Whole30, Dukan, and Atkins. I struggled to type those words/diets. If anyone tells you to forgo legumes because of the carbs or lectins (which are destroyed when cooked until tender) or an apple because of the sugar does not hold any common sense nor the same view as most nutritional professionals. These diets thrive on low-carb fear mongering and heavy animal products.

These results are no surprise to any nutrition guru understands the goal of optimal nutrition (such as the expert panel). The goal is to increase antioxidants, anti-inflammatory, anti-aging, anti-carcinogenic, and a million other protective properties. You can heal yourself, the planet, and the animals by voting with your dollar. Vote plant-strong foods and see how much better you feel. Find balance, get blood work done if you are concerned, and supplement when or if necessary. If you need support, reach out!




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