John’s Story

I asked friends to share stories about adapting a healthier lifestyle, mainly changes in nutritional practices.  This short story accounts a family attempting to improve a son’s childhood disintegrative disorder by making dietary changes.  The hyperlink is a case study and is not representative of the exact conditions however the introduction will give you an idea of the condition.

“When my son was four years old, he had a sudden loss of speech and relatedness that was diagnosed as childhood disintegrative disorder.  His speech consisted solely of echolalia (repeating words he heard others say without understanding the content).  His mother and I tried EVERYTHING.  The thing that worked best was a gluten free / dairy free diet.  He regained some of his speech and was able to speak three word sentences–thus he could let us know what he wanted.  A few times, out of the blue, he spoke seven word sentences.  Of course every parent wants more, and we did too, but we are realistic about his prospects and accept his limitations.  But we are both convinced gluten free / dairy free helped tremendously.

I tried the dairy / gluten free diet out of sympathy with him.  In about five days my brain-fog dissipated and has not returned.  Diet really does affect our brains.”

I hope this story inspires others to share their journey as well.  I want to say thank you to John for sharing his experiences and wish him and his family all the best.




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