Strength Update

Below is a link to my YouTube channel.  I have fun, enjoy high-intensity workouts or go for a two-hour bike ride and much more on a plant-strong diet.  My recovery rate has improved beyond belief and energy levels are always high. I invite you to challenge yourself.

A side-note: I began fasting a couple weeks ago starting at 11pm-12pm through 2-4pm the next day so a window of around 14-16 hours per day I only drink water.  Time varies with work and workout schedule however I am as consistent as possible.  This is an experiment and I do not necessarily recommend anyone try this method without consulting a medical professional first. I have noticed better control of my hunger.  I don’t have such highs and lows when it comes to blood sugar levels.

Please conduct your own research and decide what is best for you. So far this experiment has yielded personal bests in weight lifting and body composition.  If you are struggling with eating breakfast for whatever reason consider moving it back or skipping it.  Skipping breakfast may seem unusual and you will be hungry for the first week or two but your body will adapt. Keep in mind, fasting is a tool in the toolbelt. There are many versions of fasting as well, so please explore your options. Consult Dr. Goldhamer if you wish. Before you make any major changes, speak with a plant-based medical expert.




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