Plant-strong family/friends dinner

To carry on a tradition of cooking and socializing together with friends and family we created our own take on what a plant-strong spread looks like.


Here we have virtually every color and tons of flavors.  We begin with the fresh fruits; cantaloupe, watermelon, and green grapes.  Let us move on to the salad; freshly spiralized carrots, cucumbers, zucchini topped with avocado, fresh lemon juice, black pepper, garlic powder and fresh salsa.  The fresh salsa has tomato, green onion, yellow onion, and sweet peppers with lime juice and garlic powder.  One main dish was jasmine rice, black beans, sweet corn and refried beans.  The other main dish consisted of boiled potatoes, carrots and green onions with dried Italian seasoning herbs, black pepper and garlic powder and then mashed with a potato masher while adding some of the vegetable broth back in along with unsweetened organic soy milk for smoothness.  This is a ton of food and can easily feed more than four or five people with lots of leftovers, all at a decent price.  This was somewhere in the ballpark of $35-40.

The point is to create a healthy atmosphere starting with ideal whole plant based foods.  Your friends that do not partake in a plant-strong diet may be pleasantly surprised as these recipes are packed with flavor and have a full spectrum of textures and temperatures.  Challenge your family/friends by asking them to join you and yours in a plant-strong (oil, flour, added sugar and added salt free – if possible) get together.  Take the lead and ask for help in the kitchen especially from the younger ones as if they are involved in the process they maybe more likely to enjoy the food as well.  If these recipes are not your forte please refer to the About page as some of those website have recipes you may want to explore.  Most of all enjoy your time with family/friends and the fact that you may be the first step for someone else to begin this way of life.




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