You only eat plants.. What about protein?!

A wide-ranging (whole-food) plant-strong intake can cover all the amino-acids.  The American diet center-piece is meat, and the nutrient-packed plants are featured as the “sides.”  I have optimized my mental clarity and physical performance by eating a plant-strong diet, only now, people are questioning protein intake.  It was never questioned while I ate the Standard American Diet (SAD). SAD, of course, is the diet that increases the risks of our most prevalent preventable diseases. The fitness world is obsessed with protein while it is only a small component of a larger picture.  Don’t get caught up in the advertising world of the hyped almighty protein. Focusing on, of rather obsessing over, one macronutrient rather than simply eating whole plant foods is how we became a nation of disease.

These plants will generally be much less costly financially and environmentally.  Challenge yourself and remember to branch out in areas you may have not explored entirely (whole grains, legumes, fruits, vegetables).  Try your best to incorporate more whole plant foods into your diet and let protein be only a fragment of your comprehensive focus.



Meal 1

Oatmeal 8 ounces (oz)                                   10g

Peanut butter 2oz                                           16g

Cantaloupe 4oz                                                 .7g

Strawberries 2oz                                              .25g

Blueberries 2oz                                                 .3g

Banana (half of a medium/large)                   .5g



Soymilk 6oz                                                        4g

Peanut butter 2oz                                             16g

Blueberries 2oz                                                 .3g

Strawberries 2oz                                              .25g

Blackberries 2oz                                               .5g

Beets 2oz                                                            .5g

Banana (other half)                                         .5g


Meal 2

Buckwheat 8oz                                                22.5g

Peanut butter 2oz                                            16g

Apple (medium)                                               .5g

Peanut butter 2oz                                            16g

Blueberries 2oz                                                 .3g

Strawberries 2oz                                              .25g

Cantaloupe 4oz                                                 .7g

Pumpkin seeds .25oz                                       2g

Cashews .25oz                                                   1.5g

Sunflower seeds .25oz                                     1.5g


Meal 3

Jasmine rice 4oz                                               6g

Beans 15oz                                                         24.5g

Refried beans 16oz                                           31.5g

Fresh Salsa

Green onions 1oz                                             .3g

Onion 1oz                                                          .15g

Tomato (medium)                                            .2g

Sweet peppers 1oz                                           .2g

Cilantro                                                              <.1g

Meals vary in regards to fruits and vegetables depending on grocery hauls for the week but estimates remain about the same.  Per day this kind of intake allows for plenty of protein from varied sources.  I realize writing about protein is counter-intuitive when trying to show it shouldn’t be focused on so heavily but I wanted to show you can get an adequate amount from plant sources.




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