Taco Alternative

I hope you are well!  Let us explore different interpretations of a popular dish.. Tacos! 🙂

taco alternative full ingredients

Here we explore alternatives to lean meats as a taco base.  My favorite thus far is a combination of shredded sweet potato, white potato and carrots seasoned just as you would season any other base.  My preferences are ground cumin and garlic powder; you may also prefer onion powder and some type of spice (i.e. jalapeno).  Shred or use a food processor to get a rather finely grated texture.  Cook the base in a large pan on a medium/high heat (do not add oil) just stir/mix frequently.

IMG_1140 1

Add some refried beans, black or kidney beans and corn in another pot to begin cooking.  You may want to separate these into different pots, more dishes I know, however, if you have picky eaters that are willing to try something new they may not want all ingredients combined.

While the base is cooking, mix up a fresh batch of salsa.  Salsa is perfect due to the variety of personal tastes it may accommodate.  I prefer tomatoes, onion, green onion, cilantro, garlic, jalapeno, fresh lime juice, sweet peppers and sometimes corn or chilled black beans.


The last thing to add is avocado if you so choose.  The end result is something that has a wide variety of amino acids, fats, fiber, vitamins and minerals.  This dish is loaded with vibrant colors making it all the more appealing visually.

completed alternative tacos

I encourage you to play with the recipe if you have other preferred tastes.  You may think of something else to add or already love something spicier like habanero peppers.  No matter your personal tastes I applaud the attempt to add more plants in your diet.


Kyle 🙂


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