Doesn’t automatically equate health


Just like any other practice in life there are varying degrees and pathways.  Vegan does not equate health. This lifestyle has been shown to benefit those pursuing optimal nutritional practices while preventing diseases however meal plans must be comprehensive.  Poor food choices labeled or considered vegan can still lead to a deficit in nutrients, obesity and cardiac complications among other issues. Having zero animal products still leaves room for processed oils, refined flours and sweeteners.

The goal is to pursue a comprehensive nutritional plan that provides sustenance for a lifetime in harmony with ones goals.  Do we need animals to be part of an optimal nutritional process; for the general public; evidence and common sense arguably say, no.  Ideally a nutritional plan may include legumes, whole grains, fruits, vegetables, seeds, nuts, water and unsweetened teas.  In the typical American diet what animals are involved with food?  Most likely the answer consists of cow, pig, poultry and fish.  So we lose four to six animal sources while gaining plant sources.  How many edible plants can you name after a little research; 100, 200, more?  Sacrifice very few foods and in return you unlock potential with an abundance of plants.

Some vegans have earned the title of eco-warriors or anti-animal abuse supporter.  While this helps turn people on to veganism it has also been known to turn people away and make others uncomfortable.  An unknown activist stated “there is no humane way to kill.”  While I agree with that statement others turn a blind eye and forget this industry exists.  There is no argument to be made against the agriculture industries negative impact on the world and the involvement of animal abuse is ethically and morally questionable.  I pose a question to you; could you find a substitute for the chicken/pork/beef you eat?  The point is the industry doesn’t care what you eat; they just want to see a profit.  If we all began eating more plants, the industry would produce more to make money.  It’s my purchases and your alike that determines what gets processed.

I suggest animal free nutritional plans however; if you just cannot conceive the idea that you cannot do without animal products, consider a flexitarian diet.  This style of eating minimizes animal product intake while incorporating more plants.  If you attempt a new diet consider talking to a professional before making drastic changes.  Embrace change and challenge yourself but give it time if you do pursue this lifestyle because it takes time for your body and tastes to adapt.  If you take action others may follow or become motivated and try it for themselves or begin dialogue as to why you made the change.  If you need help along the way there are support groups, social networking sites, cooking videos and myself to support your changes.  Once your body is well other aspects of your life will begin to prosper.


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