The Pig or the Apple?


I did not get into plant-strong diets for animal rights, it just happens to be a side-effect.  This is not meant to blame any way of life or convince anyone to change, just food for thought.  I welcome counter arguments but please make a positive criticism not reply with blatant falsehoods or attacks.

Most crops we grow feed the animals we eat.  Those animals, a pig for example takes a lot of time and resources to raise one.  Inseminate the female, she gives birth and now we have a piglet.  Food, water, land, and waste removal are the things required to keep a piglet alive.  Along with the initial resources I believe pigs fall ill as well so the possibility of veterinary visits or drugs may be part of the equation.  Once the piglet is fully grown and sent to slaughter we get into transportation costs.  Slaughterhouses do not run on magic, more energy is used to process the pig.  Transportation costs once again to get product to the grocery where cuts of meat are frozen or cooled until purchase.  Then product gets transported home by the buyer and either frozen or cooled or cooked.  This seems like a lot of effort on many levels.

Now let us take an apple.  Plant a seed and wait but conveniently we already have apple trees.  An apple requires no drugs or veterinary visits, no artificial insemination, and no waste removal.  Yes it takes up land and water but an apple tree releases oxygen back into the air.  Once the fruit is ripe it is picked, transported to the grocery and finally transported home where it does not require a fridge or freezer.  On a side-note I am not against modern appliances, I have a fridge and freezer and it is quite useful for storing berries and vegetables.  A bonus with each apple is you can plant your own if you choose too and eat for free!  Pick out a pig and see how much it costs to raise it, if you have children, emotional attachments may be made and you could end up with a pet instead of eventual dinner.  Let those same kids plant an apple tree (or any other plant).  Let those same kids watch the plant grow.  It takes minimal or no effort to grow an apple tree and once it bears fruit there may be a sentimental attachment but those same kids would enjoy eating an apple from the tree they planted years ago.  There would not be any struggle with emotions eating an apple versus eating a pig they grew up with.  Some farmers may find it easy to raise a piglet knowing it will be killed but not everyone is a farmer.  The point is less hands on involvement, simplicity, animal welfare, land usage optimization among other benefits could stem from plant strong diets.  I would argue improved beauty as well, plants are sources of artistic inspiration and admired.  Most animal farms are not as easy on the senses.  I believe a plant-strong diet is worth it for the health benefits alone but reducing the need for processing animals… I’ll take the apple!


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